Hi everyone. It’s been forrrrrevvvver right. Well, I’ve decided to start incorporating a new aspect to the blog. It is a lifestyle blog but I’ve mainly focused on fashion and beauty thus far, so now I’ve decided to add an element of my love for interior design, decor as well as organisation. Maybe one day I’ll venture into food (highly unlikely 😄) and a life with kids… Insha-Allah (God willing) so keep those fingers and toes crossed for us.

So now that we got the intro out of the way, let’s get down to business. Do you remember making these amazing purchases and having to-die-for pieces and yet, when you open up your closet, all you think to yourself is “I have nothing to wear”. Well, we’ve all been there, trust me, but that’s about to change. As human beings… well most of us at least… we’re visual creatures. If something’s not appealing to the eye, it doesn’t necessarily interest us. So if your closets all over the place, you can’t see what you actually have, let alone find something, (let’s face it, most of us have one or two side-by-sides and not a full-on walk-in) then there’s no surprise that you feel like you have nothing to wear that you actually WANT to wear. So let’s change that. Let’s start maximizing our closet space and start 2019 on a clean and organised note.

Set aside a few hours, over a span of two days for this 8 step project.

Day 1:

1) Purge

2) Measure and plan your layout

3) Donate

4) Purchase supplies

Day 2:

5) Clean

6) Sort & hang

7) Sort & fold

8) Label

Step 1 – Purge

– Take all your clothes out and place it in one big pile.

– Go through each item to see what you want to keep, trash or donate. Use the following chart (for each item) to help you make a decision.

Step 2 – Measure and plan your layout

Measure out your closet (floor space, shelves, drawers etc)

Make a note of how many inserts you need. (I use inexpensive tubs from Kmart, to maximise my closet space as I have no drawers)

– A closet looks untidy with a variety of hangers, if you can afford to do it, purchase one design and put the others in the donation pile. Velvet hangers are a good space saver option and are reasonably priced on eBay / Amazon. (I used these rose gold hangers that I first purchased when they were on sale from Target) If not, make piles of the same style/design hangers and keep it aside.

Step 3 – Donate

– Make sure that whatever you’re donating, it’s clean and in decent condition. We often see donations thrown into a black bag. Let us remind ourselves that it’s not trash. Let us respectfully pack it up and leave it in a way that you’d like to receive it.

– Load it all up and drop it off at your nearest donation centre.

Step 4 – Purchase supplies

– Go out and purchase your hangers and inserts. Check your measurements to see how many would fit comfortably in your closet.

Step 5 – Clean

– Your closet should be empty at this point. Vacuum it out and don’t forget the corners.

– Give it a light spray of insect repellent and a few minutes later, a spirits or two of linen and room spray.

– Wash the shelves, door, handles and skirtings and leave the doors open to allow it to dry.

Step 6 – Sort & hang

– I like to colour code my closet and inserts. Not only is it aesthetically appealing as it looks much neater but it also makes it easier to find something to wear. I colour code in the following order:

(Left-right and within each shade category, darks-lights) Blacks, Greys, Browns, Tans, Greens, Mints, Navy, Blues, Purples, Lilacs, Reds, Pinks, Orange, Peach, Golds, Yellows, Beige, Creams, Whites.

– Seperate all your hanging clothing into piles of like colours. I use the above colour chart to seperate my solid colours and then I do it again with all my prints. Start with your first pile and get them onto your new hangers or your pile of “like” hangers and hang them up.

– Now, within that pile, seperate them in the following manner:

(Left-right and if you’re hanging dresses with your shirts and tops, then hang the items from the longest length to the shortest) Long-sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, Short-sleeves, Sleeveless, Tanks, Spaghetti straps

– Now move on to the next shade and continue until all your solid colours are hung.

– Move on to your prints and sort in the same fashion. You can add your white prints behind your solid whites and in front of the next colour or you can add all your prints, using the same colour code, right at the back (behind the black pile) like I did. Whatever makes it easier for you to find and pair.

– Now sort your trousers and skirts in the same manner.

Step 7 – Sort & fold

– As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have any drawers so I pack all my folding items (underwear, pj’s, knits, swimsuits etc) into my containers.

– With my pj’s, I fold them in the following manner in order to simply grab a set and not have to spend time looking for a matching top. At the end of the day, all of this is done to make life easier and to save time on a daily basis.

Step 8 – Label

The last step is to label accordingly and pack them into your closet. I like to stack in a way where the things I need are at the top (In autumn, I’ll place winter knits at the bottom, heavy autumn knits in between and light autumn knits at the top)

That’s it. It seems like a lot of work but trust me, it’s worth it and you’ll be surprised at how much time it’ll save you in the mornings.

I do the above twice a year and once a month, I simply remove all the tubs, give my closet a vacumme, a quick wipe down and a spray to keep it clean and fresh.

Hope these tips help you to get and stay organised and start the new year off on a clean slate.

Lots of lumi Love

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