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So you guys know that I’ve been battling with my skin recently. Acne in my 30’s. Uneven skin tone. Dark circles. The list goes on.

I tried everything under the sun… while avoiding the sun lol, but nothing seemed to work. A few months ago I started doing the Japanese Water Therapy (read more about that here http://lumibloggers.com/water-works/) and it made a huge difference to the way that I felt and my skin seems to be loving it.

After trying and testing out a few products – with major breakouts and allergic reactions in between it all – I’ve finally nailed down a set regimen and I’m thrilled with the results. My skin’s not back to its ‘crystal clear’ self and I doubt it will ever get back there again. It’s all a part of getting older right, so I’ve come to terms with that but my skin’s definitely on its way to better days.

My skins looking brighter, my complexion seems to be evening itself out, the redness has started to neutralize and the breakouts are less frequent.

Here’s what I’ve been doing…

• Water Therapy

I’ve been consistently exercising this practice. (Check out my Water Therapy blogpost for the program.)

Working Out

I’ve started working out three times a week. This plays a major role in your overall well-being. Glowing skin is just a bonus.


Yes, sleeping. Even though I’m still battling with insomnia, I’ve increased the amount of hours that I sleep to 8 hrs a day. Which is so not normal for me.


I’ve been cleansing morning and evening with the Pekee Bar by Drunk Elphant along with the Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin. I only use the Foreo on my chin, nose and forehead.

Eye Care

Using my ring finger, I pat one pump of Shaba Complex Eye Serum by Drunk Elephant around the contours of my eyes, as well as my eyelids, morning and evening.


After I cleanse, I apply the Even Blend Serum by Skinstitute,morning and evening, all over my face and neck, focusing on pigmented areas.


I wait a minute for the serum to absorb and I gently massage my face and neck with the Lala Retro Whipped Cream by Drunk Elephant, morning and evening.

• Sun-care

One of the most important steps – especially when living in Australian – is sunscreen. In the morning, again, waiting a minute to let the previous product absorb, I apply a generous layer of Age Defense SPF 50+ Sunscreen by Skinstitute to my face, neck, ears and any other exposed areas before applying my makeup. I reapply sunscreen throughout the day using the same product, however, on my face, I apply a generous dusting of Sunforgettable Mineral Powder SPF 50 by Colore Science.

• Exfoliate

Twice a week, after cleansing, (without the use of the Foreo) I gently exfoliate my face, neck and hands for +-1 min with the Glycolic Scrub 14% by Skinstitute and follow that by applying my serum and moisturizer.


My lips cannot go without a generous coating – morning and evening – of Blistex DCT, which is a lip balm with a an SPF of 20.

So there you have it. That’s my skincare regimen. Remember, even though my skin is really sensitive, what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. Test out the products first and remember that you will experience a slight purge in the first week or two, which is normal when incorporating any new products into your routine. Patience and consistency is key.

Best of luck 🖤

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