Since the age of 7 or 8, I have dreamt of launching my own range. If I wasn’t reading a book in my free time, I’d be sketching outfits… for me and my future offspring 😂

These days, it’s easier than what it was in the early 90’s. For a female, dressing modestly was a nightmare. Tops and dresses were either sleeveless, backless, too low or too short. If you were lucky enough to find a store that offered an alternative for modest dressers, you’d probably end up looking like you were wearing your grandfathers hand-me-downs. Our last resort was the dressmaker. More often than not, you’d have an outfit that looks like the complete opposite of what you asked for.
For someone that loved fashion and had somewhat of an eye for design… this was excruciating.

Today, highend fashion brands along with big box retailers are offering an alternative. A fashion-forward modest ensemble is actually within reach but for how long will this trend last? I’m hoping that it would last forever but in the fashion world… it’s highly unlikely.

My vision is to create a range that caters solely to the modest woman but at the same time, keeping up with the latest trends. It should be a one stop shop. If the top is short, it should have a skirt or wide trouser to compliment it. If it’s sleeveless, it should have an inner and for those who wear the hijab, every look should be accompanied by a scarf. No need to run to the plaza and try and match up scarf fabric. I’m sure you ladies know exactly what I’m talking about it.

Launching my own range will take a bit of time but until then, I’ll be housing a few collections from brands that coincide with my vision.

If you’re a brand owner and have collections that fall in line with our vision, then get in touch with us if you’re interested in partnering up with teamlumi.

To the rest of my lumidolls, thank you for your support and let us know what pieces you’d like to see within our range.

Lots of lumi love ❤️


Digiprint silk top: Living Fashions – Luminosity by R


Beaded silk abaayas: Living Fashions – Luminosity by R


Pleated, net, stretch & linen scarves: Luminosity by R

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