Biyan Wanaatmadja is probably thee most prominent high end fashion designer, born and based in Indonesia. In 1999, he decided to create a ready-to-wear line that drew inspiration from his haut couture range, in order to cater to a larger audience. For those that dreamt of wearing a Biyan creation but were unable to afford a couture piece off the runway… this dream was now made possible… at a much, MUCH lower price point.

“(X)S.M.L has been known as the brand that places great importance in creating fresh and contemporary collections that can be worn time and again. (X)S.M.L reinvents fashion staples by putting a fresh spin on everyday wear, achieving a perfect balance between fashion and comfort through working with versatile but comfortable fabrics.”
– xsmlfashion.com

Their price points are fairly reasonable considering that product quality is of a high standard and designs are fresh and innovative… I mean, the brands only owned by one of Indonesia’s leading designers. No biggy right?

They have twelve boutiques in Indonesia, and two in Singapore but I’m thrilled to have learnt that they have recently launched there online store. Wooohoooo. Their online range is small at this point in time but I have a feeling that that’s about to change real soon.

I’ve only managed to shoot one look thus far but you’ll be seeing a lot more of (X)S.M.L pieces in my upcoming shoots.
If you’re looking for a contemporary, modest and innovative wardrobe that won’t break the bank, then (X) S.M.L is the place to be 🙂

Shop The Look:

Shades: Ray-Ban

Chocker: Accessorize

Shirt Dress: (X) S.M.L

Sling & Flats: Berrybenka

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