Ever find yourself scanning page after page through a high end men’s magazine, the likes of GQ or Mens Fashion where you’re in sheer admiration of not only the physiques, hairstyles, and automobiles, but the dress sense that these guys have with what appears to be the very same pieces of clothing you believe you have in your closet! Strip away the fancy travel destination; remove the Bond girl from their arm; and return Mayweather’s Maybach, and all you’re left with is good lighting and impeccable dress sense.

With the advent of blogging we’ve done a great job of controlling light for photo’s, but we don’t live in pictures so we have to accept our subordination to the light. However, not only do we have control, but we have ABSOLUTE control over our ability to dress well. And so, I vowed to add a little pizzas to my wardrobe. But where to start??? I mean, Queensland is the Sunshine state, designer flip flops and bordies aren’t going to generate the look that inspired me. I’ve always been the type to throw my hand up and say ‘I don’t know’ when unsure, and this was one such moment. So who better than my fashionista ‘friend at the time’ turn ‘wife’, for fashion advice.

An upcoming trip to South Africa to meet my ‘friend’ was the perfect excuse for a wardrobe change. I recall asking her what I could do with minimal effort and without breaking the bank (okay okay, I didn’t add the ‘breaking the bank’ part at the sound of coming across broke). Her reply is as audible in my head as it was when she said it:

‘Thorough grooming and a great blazer. It’s that easy for a guy to look classy’.

And so, my hunt for the ideal blazer began…

There was a criterion that needed to be met if I were to go through with my intended purchase. I needed a blazer to be:

  • Versatile – it needed to go with a denim and tee as well as give me the formal look that I was after.
  • Comfortable – There was no way I was going to do quick changes at every table. I needed a blazer that moves with me.
  • Fit – Probably the most important aspect. It needed to look tailored.

Blazers are plentiful but none ticked all the boxes like Politix. A Politix blazer has that unique stretch. It’s an all new level of comfort but that hint of stretch also moulds and contours the blazer to your body – like you’ve already been to the tailor and had it nipped and tucked to perfection (hence the heading of this post.) They are light weight and come in an array of all season colours. Surprisingly, I found them within budget too!


Shop The Look:

Shades: Ray-Ban

Blazer: Politix

Tee: Armani Exchange

Denims: Maddox

Sneaker: Cavela

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